The TOD Index, LLC’s consulting services enable investors, developers, landowners and public agencies to make strategic decisions on how to maximize economic opportunity from TOD. Across the United States, there are over 4,500 train station areas representing over 2 million acres of land that is ripe for redevelopment, supported by strong demand for new housing and commercial centers in these locations.

Train station areas in the United States include over 8.5 million units of housing that are ripe for investments given that demand is increasing for a limited supply of housing in such location. We have the data and expertise to guide investors of rental properties to focus their search on the locations that are poised for the highest growth rates.

Based on econometric modeling and a rich set of data, which include many factors including neighborhood characteristics, demographics, jobs, home values, rental rates, travel behavior, and built environment variables, we are able to guide investors and developers choose the which regions and station areas are poised for highest rates of growth.

We can also guide landowners and public agencies on how to best position their properties located near train stations to take best advantage of TOD.

Consulting services across the United States include

- Guidance to investors and asset managers on which regions and station locations to purchase rental properties to maximize returns from TOD

- Guidance to developers on site selection, due diligence, community engagement, rezoning and financing infrastructure in TOD locations

- Guidance to landowners near train stations on how to reposition properties to maximize TOD potential, including due diligence, community engagement, rezoning and financing infrastructure

- Guidance to public agencies on public-private partnerships in TOD locations and how to incentivize private development activity that will support TOD goals

- Consulting to advise clients on the best approach to investing on TOD.