The following table lists the top 100 station zip codes in the United States with home price growth from July 2016 to July 2017. During this period, the average value growth for all homes in the United States was 5.7% and the average rental growth for all TOD stations was 5.6%

The list below includes all stations (TOD and non-TOD stations) because as non-TOD stations grow in housing density and walkability they can become TODs.

As noted above, the basic unit of analysis for the market value data is at the zip code level and some zip codes have multiple stations, such as 33605 in Tampa, which has the top four performing stations.

Top Performing Home Value Stations: July 2016 - July 2017

Top Performing Home Value Stations:
Top 100 Performing Stations June 2016 - July 2017 (Median Values)     
12 Month Change RateStation NameZip CodeCityStateRegion
35.09%Cadrecha Plaza Station33605TampaFLTampa
35.09%Centennial Park Station33605TampaFLTampa
35.09%Streetcar Society Station33605TampaFLTampa
35.09%Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union Stat33605TampaFLTampa
28.24%Delmar Metrolink Station63112Saint LouisMOSt. Louis
28.24%Forest Park Metrolink Station63112Saint LouisMOSt. Louis
27.30%20 Av11102New YorkNYNew York
27.30%Parkside Av11102New YorkNYNew York
26.06%Burke Av10462New YorkNYNew York
26.06%Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall10462New YorkNYNew York
26.06%Jackson Av10462New YorkNYNew York
26.06%Grand Central - 42 St10462New YorkNYNew York
26.06%Castle Hill Av10462New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Grand St11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Montrose Av11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Morgan Av11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Broadway11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Flushing Av11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Myrtle - Willoughby Avs11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Van Siclen Av11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Flushing Av11206New YorkNYNew York
25.84%Central Av11206New YorkNYNew York
23.39%23 St - Ely Av11103New YorkNYNew York
23.39%Woodhaven Blvd11103New YorkNYNew York
23.08%Arden Way and Del Paso Blvd95815SacramentoCASacramento
23.08%Arden Way and Royal Oaks Dr95815SacramentoCASacramento
23.08%Auburn Blvd and Marconi Ave95815SacramentoCASacramento
23.08%Del Paso Blvd and Globe Ave95815SacramentoCASacramento
23.08%Dixieanne Ave and Selma St95815SacramentoCASacramento
23.08%Employee Platform and Light Rail95815SacramentoCASacramento
22.95%Kensington Station30032Candler-McafeeGAAtlanta
21.56%Fenwood Rd2120BostonMABoston
21.56%Roxbury Xng2120BostonMABoston
21.56%Ruggles Station2120BostonMABoston
21.25%2nd Street HBLR7307Jersey CityNJNew York
21.25%9th Street HBLR7307Jersey CityNJNew York
20.59%Euclid Ave & Eddy Rd44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Wellesley Ave44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Belmore Ave44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Debra Ann Ln44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Delmont Ave44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Emily St44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Garfield Rd44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Lakefront Rd44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Lakeview Ave44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Roxbury Rd44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Euclid Ave & Superior Ave44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Louis Stokes RTS Stop #144112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Stokes Windermere RTS44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.59%Superior Rapid44112East ClevelandOHCleveland
20.22%Stapleton10304New YorkNYNew York
20.22%Grasmere10304New YorkNYNew York
20.22%Clifton10304New YorkNYNew York
19.70%Joliet Metra60432JolietILChicago
19.11%80 St11691New YorkNYNew York
19.11%Atlantic Terminal11691New YorkNYNew York
19.11%181 St11691New YorkNYNew York
19.11%190 St11691New YorkNYNew York
19.11%Beach 36 St11691New YorkNYNew York
18.70%Opa-Locka33054Miami GardensFLMiami-Fort Lauderdale
18.69%Dongan Hills10305New YorkNYNew York
18.69%Old Town10305New YorkNYNew York
18.63%Lawrence11415New YorkNYNew York
18.63%World Trade Center11415New YorkNYNew York
18.58%Airport Station2128BostonMABoston
18.58%Terminal E2128BostonMABoston
18.58%46 St11104New YorkNYNew York
18.58%52 St11104New YorkNYNew York
18.58%Maverick Station2128BostonMABoston
18.58%Orient Heigts Station2128BostonMABoston
18.58%Suffolk Downs Station2128BostonMABoston
18.58%Wood Island Station2128BostonMABoston
18.58%Logan Ferry Terminal2128BostonMABoston
18.58%Terminal A2128BostonMABoston
18.58%Terminal B Stop 12128BostonMABoston
18.58%Terminal B Stop 22128BostonMABoston
18.58%Terminal C2128BostonMABoston
18.56%Nassau Boulevard11233New YorkNYNew York
18.56%Broadway Jct11233New YorkNYNew York
18.56%116 St11233New YorkNYNew York
18.56%Broad Channel11233New YorkNYNew York
18.56%Beach 105 St11233New YorkNYNew York
18.47%Livonia Av11212New YorkNYNew York
18.47%New Lots Av11212New YorkNYNew York
18.47%Sutter Av11212New YorkNYNew York
18.47%233 St11212New YorkNYNew York
18.47%Winthrop St11212New YorkNYNew York
18.47%Pennsylvania Av11212New YorkNYNew York
18.47%Franklin Av11212New YorkNYNew York
18.43%Beach 44 St11208New YorkNYNew York
18.43%145 St11208New YorkNYNew York
18.43%81 St - Museum of Natural History11208New YorkNYNew York
18.43%Bowery11208New YorkNYNew York
18.43%Cleveland St11208New YorkNYNew York
18.43%Crescent St11208New YorkNYNew York
18.43%Gates Av11208New YorkNYNew York
18.14%Westlake Ave & 7th Ave98121SeattleWASeattle
18.14%Westlake Ave & 9th Ave98121SeattleWASeattle
18.14%Westlake Ave & Virginia St98121SeattleWASeattle