TOD Index featured on the APA Planning Webcast Series

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August 27, 2017
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TOD Index featured on the APA Planning Webcast Series

The TOD Index was featured on the Planning Webcast Series, hosted by the American Planning Association (APA).

A New Tool for Tracking Home and Rental Values in Transit Oriented Developments (TODs):

Theory, research and practice suggest that rental rates and home values in transit-oriented development (TOD) locations have historically experienced greater capital appreciation during periods of economic growth and less downside depreciation during recessionary periods of the market cycle. Until now, homebuyers, real estate investors, asset managers, developers, planners and economic development professionals have experienced difficulty accessing a comprehensive database in a simple, standardized methodology to benchmark month-to-month changes in home values and rental rates in TOD locations. The Renne-Greschner TOD Index solves this problem by offering the ability to view trends in TODs at the national, regional and station-area levels.

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