Renne-Greschner TOD Index™ services provide users with the first longitudinal solution to track TOD home and rental values on a monthly basis. Renne-Greschner TOD Index™ services use the following methodology to benchmark month-to-month changes in TOD locations:


To meet the criteria for inclusion as a TOD, the Renne-Greschner TOD Index™ methodology requires areas located within a half-mile of a fixed-route transit station (this includes all types of passenger rail, ferry terminals and bus-rapid transit stations) to have:

Minimum Walk Score of 70, and Minimum gross housing density of 8 units per acre (or 4,000 total units) across the half-mile station area. For more details, click here.


Of the 4,500 fixed-route transit stations across the United States, 1,323 stations met the criteria noted above and had sufficient data available for rentals and 1,442 stations met the criteria and had sufficient data available for home values.

The inception of the database came from the National TOD Database and the real estate data is based on Zillow, which utilizes the zip code as the smallest unit of analysis currently available in the Zillow database.

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