The TOD Index™ provides new and important information for investors looking to benefit from TOD. Investors can use the TOD Index™ in several important ways:

1. Utilize the list of top performing stations and purchase real estate

Top Performing Home Values | Top Performing Rental Stations
Note: the data presented here is based on past trends, which is not a projection on future performance. Investors must base investment decisions on an adequate and extensive due diligence effort of the local market as well as the characteristics of the individual property.

2. Directly invest in a portfolio of TOD real estate managed by a team of experts

The TOD Group® locates and manages direct investments in TOD real estate with the goal of delivering superior risk adjusted returns to investors over a full market cycle.

Since 2009, The TOD Group® has managed the Denver Transit Oriented Development Fund® which provides investors with exposure to the TOD market, however, that fund is now closed to new investors.

◦ The TOD Group® is currently vetting additional investment opportunities for existing and new investors. Contact us if you are interested in investing in TOD real estate.

3. Self-Directed IRA Plans

We work with third party administrators of self-directed retirement plans. Diversify your retirement portfolio with an investment in TOD. Contact us to learn more.

4. Contact us for a list of TOD related properties that are currently available for a 1031 Exchange

Note:Note: The TOD Index, LLC and The TOD Group® does not provide tax or legal advice nor can we make any representations or warranties regarding the tax consequences of your exchange transaction. Property owners must consult their own tax and legal advisors.

5. The TOD Fund® (Capital appreciation plus current income)

◦ We will soon be launching the TOD Fund® which will be available to new investors and will target an annual return-on-investment of 12-15% per year with an annual dividend of 5-8%. The TOD Fund® will be a bundled portfolio of TOD themed real estate properties possessing the characteristics that have historically resumed in superior risk adjusted returns. The portfolio will target stabilized income generating assets in TOD locations as well as TOD development opportunities. Please contact us for more details.