TOD Locations Capital Appreciation Data

Home Values Data

  • On average, home values (ZHVI) in TOD zip codes greatly exceeds national averages, despite a dip in TOD values during COVID-19. . The average home value in TOD zip codes exceeded increased 7% between February 2021 and February 2022, while housing values overall rose 18%.

  • The February 2022 TOD Index for Home Values was 291 points compared to 202 points for the national average.
  • Since the market recovery starting January 2012, the TOD Index for Home Values has gained 114 points as compared to a gain of 86 points for the national market for home values.
  • The Home Value TOD Index has increased 2.1 points compared to the previous month (January 2022).

  • In February 2022, year-over-year growth in TODs was 3.1% as compared to the national market of 11.2%.
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