The following table lists the top 500 station zip codes in the United States with rental price growth from February 2021 to February 2022.

The list below includes all stations (TOD and non-TOD stations) because as non-TOD stations grow in housing density and walkability they can become TODs.

As noted above, the basic unit of analysis for the market rental data is at the zip code level and some zip codes have multiple stations.

Top Performing Rental Stations February 2021 - February 2022

Data Provided by Zillow Group
12 Month Change RateStation NameZip CodeMetro Area
48.30%West Palm Beach33401Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
48.30%West Palm Beach33401Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%Bicentennial Park Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%Omni Metromover Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%School Board Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%College/Bayside Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%College/Bayside Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%NE 2 AV@NE 4 ST33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%NE 2 AV@NE 2 ST33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%First Street Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%SW 1 ST@S MIAMI AV33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%College North Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%College North Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%NE 2 AV@NE 8 ST33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%NE 2 AV@NE 7 ST33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
40.30%Eleventh Street Station33132Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
38.80%San Clemente Metrolink Station92624Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
37.60%59 St10016New York, NY
37.60%St Lawrence Av10016New York, NY
37.60%East 35th Street10016New York, NY
36.90%3 Av10003New York, NY
36.90%Union Sq - 14 St10003New York, NY
36.90%Astoria Blvd10003New York, NY
36.90%14 St - Union Sq10003New York, NY
36.90%Bleecker St10003New York, NY
36.90%3 Av - 138 St10003New York, NY
36.90%18 Av10003New York, NY
36.70%DADELAND SOUTH STATION RAIL33156Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.90%Kings Hwy10010New York, NY
35.90%Bergen St10010New York, NY
35.90%Fort Hamilton Pkwy10010New York, NY
35.80%SOUTH MIAMI STATION RAIL33143Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.80%DADELAND NORTH STATION RAIL33143Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.50%42 St - Port Authority Bus Terminal10022New York, NY
35.50%Whitlock Av10022New York, NY
35.50%Jamaica Center - Parsons/Archer10022New York, NY
35.50%34 St - Herald Sq10022New York, NY
35.30%Financial District Station33130Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.30%Brickell Metromover Station33130Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.30%Eighth Street Station33130Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.30%SE 4 ST@S MIAMI AV33130Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.30%BRICKELL STATION RAIL33130Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
35.20%1 Av10009New York, NY
35.00%Times Sq - 42 St10036New York, NY
35.00%Lafayette Av10036New York, NY
35.00%Woodside - 61 St10036New York, NY
35.00%Flushing - Main St10036New York, NY
35.00%Broadway - Lafayette St10036New York, NY
34.90%182 - 183 Sts10002New York, NY
34.90%Alabama Av10002New York, NY
34.90%Elmhurst Av10002New York, NY
34.90%Avenue X10002New York, NY
34.90%Delancey St10002New York, NY
34.50%79 St10001New York, NY
34.50%Clark St10001New York, NY
34.50%Ralph Av10001New York, NY
34.50%Avenue U10001New York, NY
34.50%Grand Av - Newtown10001New York, NY
34.50%Essex St10001New York, NY
34.50%33RD ST PATH10001New York, NY
34.50%34 St - Hudson Yards10001New York, NY
33.50%157 St10006New York, NY
33.50%191 St10006New York, NY
33.50%City Hall10006New York, NY
32.80%Sheridan Street33021Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
32.50%Rockaway Av10014New York, NY
32.50%Shepherd Av10014New York, NY
32.50%Cortlandt St10014New York, NY
32.50%CHRISTOPHER ST PATH10014New York, NY
32.30%DeKalb Av10012New York, NY
32.30%168 St10012New York, NY
32.30%Queensboro Plaza10012New York, NY
32.30%Pelham Bay Park10012New York, NY
32.30%Zerega Av10012New York, NY
32.00%Tarrytown10017New York, NY
32.00%Grand Central - 42 St10017New York, NY
32.00%Hunters Point Av10017New York, NY
31.80%Boca Raton33431Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
31.70%6 Av10011New York, NY
31.70%8 Av10011New York, NY
31.70%50 St10011New York, NY
31.70%Atlantic Av10011New York, NY
31.70%Nostrand Av10011New York, NY
31.70%Euclid Av10011New York, NY
31.70%231 St10011New York, NY
31.70%Carroll St10011New York, NY
31.70%14TH STREET PATH10011New York, NY
31.70%23RD ST PATH10011New York, NY
31.70%9TH ST PATH10011New York, NY
31.20%ALLAPATTAH STATION RAIL33127Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
30.00%72 St10005New York, NY
30.00%Junius St10005New York, NY
30.00%Broadway Jct10005New York, NY
29.90%Kingston Av10013New York, NY
29.90%163 St - Amsterdam Av10013New York, NY
29.90%Cathedral Pkwy10013New York, NY
29.90%Broadway10013New York, NY
29.90%Sheepshead Bay10013New York, NY
29.90%110 St10013New York, NY
29.90%104 St10013New York, NY
29.40%138 St - Grand Concourse10021New York, NY
29.40%28 St10021New York, NY
29.40%72 Street Subway Station10021New York, NY
29.40%Sunset Station89014Las Vegas, NV
29.40%Marks Street89014Las Vegas, NV
29.30%Coaster Solana Beach Station92075San Diego, CA
28.90%OSBORN RD & CENTRAL AVE85012Phoenix, AZ
28.50%Middletown Rd10028New York, NY
28.50%86th St Subway Station10028New York, NY
28.40%Fulton St10018New York, NY
28.40%Bay Pkwy10018New York, NY
27.90%Christopher St - Sheridan Sq10023New York, NY
27.90%Dyckman St10023New York, NY
27.90%Grand St10023New York, NY
27.60%Ozone Park - Lefferts Blvd10007New York, NY
27.60%High St10007New York, NY
27.60%Rector St10007New York, NY
27.60%Canal St10007New York, NY
27.60%53 St10007New York, NY
27.60%Spring St10007New York, NY
27.60%75 St10007New York, NY
27.40%Hollywood33020Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
27.20%KRAMER STATION78758Austin, TX
27.20%44TH ST & WASHINGTON ST85008Phoenix, AZ
27.00%Houston St10024New York, NY
27.00%34 St - Penn Station10024New York, NY
27.00%Kingsbridge Rd10024New York, NY
27.00%155 St10024New York, NY
27.00%Coronado Ferry Landing92118San Diego, CA
26.90%Meadow Woods32824Orlando, FL
26.90%Tampa Tribune Station33602Tampa, FL
26.90%HSBC Station33602Tampa, FL
26.90%Dick Greco Plaza/ Transportation Center33602Tampa, FL
26.90%Whiting Station33602Tampa, FL
26.90%Cumberland Avenue Station33602Tampa, FL
26.90%York Street Station33602Tampa, FL
26.90%Port Authority Station33602Tampa, FL
26.80%Atlantic Av - Pacific St10019New York, NY
26.80%Canal St10019New York, NY
26.80%Liberty Av10019New York, NY
26.80%8 St - NYU10019New York, NY
26.80%Lexington Av/59 St10019New York, NY
26.80%21 St - Queensbridge10019New York, NY
26.80%14 St10019New York, NY
26.80%25 St10019New York, NY
26.80%238 St10019New York, NY
26.40%Mission San Diego Station92108San Diego, CA
26.40%Mission Valley Center Station92108San Diego, CA
26.40%Hazard Center Station92108San Diego, CA
26.40%Qualcomm Stadium Station92108San Diego, CA
26.40%Fenton Parkway Station92108San Diego, CA
26.40%Fashion Valley Transit Center92108San Diego, CA
26.40%Rio Vista Station92108San Diego, CA
26.10%VIZCAYA STATION RAIL33145Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
26.00%HOWARD STATION78727Austin, TX
26.00%Maitland32751Orlando, FL
25.70%Lake Worth33460Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
25.60%Tremont Av10025New York, NY
25.60%Northern Blvd10025New York, NY
25.60%145 St10025New York, NY
25.60%Marble Hill - 225 St10025New York, NY
25.60%Kingston - Throop Avs10025New York, NY
25.60%Queens Plaza10025New York, NY
25.60%Bedford Av11211New York, NY
25.60%Graham Av11211New York, NY
25.60%Lorimer St11211New York, NY
25.60%Hewes St11211New York, NY
25.60%Lorimer St11211New York, NY
25.60%Metropolitan Av11211New York, NY
25.50%Fort Lauderdale33312Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
25.40%46 St10065New York, NY
25.40%East Broadway10065New York, NY
25.40%36 Av10065New York, NY
25.30%Lynx Central32801Orlando, FL
25.30%Church Street32801Orlando, FL
25.30%MONTEBELLO AVE & 19TH AVE85015Phoenix, AZ
25.30%19TH AVE & CAMELBACK RD85015Phoenix, AZ
25.20%Hunts Point Av10128New York, NY
25.20%96 St Subway Station10128New York, NY
25.00%SPRINTER Cal State San Marcos Station92078San Diego, CA
25.00%Grand St11206New York, NY
25.00%Montrose Av11206New York, NY
25.00%Morgan Av11206New York, NY
25.00%Broadway11206New York, NY
25.00%Flushing Av11206New York, NY
25.00%Myrtle - Willoughby Avs11206New York, NY
25.00%Van Siclen Av11206New York, NY
25.00%Flushing Av11206New York, NY
25.00%Central Av11206New York, NY
24.70%Dalhart Street89121Las Vegas, NV
24.70%Boulder Station89121Las Vegas, NV
24.70%Twain Road89121Las Vegas, NV
24.70%Desert Inn Road89121Las Vegas, NV
24.70%Indios Ave89121Las Vegas, NV
24.70%Flamingo Road89121Las Vegas, NV
24.60%M L KING JR STATION78702Austin, TX
24.50%DORSEY LN & APACHE BLVD85281Phoenix, AZ
24.50%UNIVERSITY DR & RURAL RD85281Phoenix, AZ
24.50%VETERANS WAY & COLLEGE AVE85281Phoenix, AZ
24.50%MILL AVE & THIRD ST85281Phoenix, AZ
24.50%PRIEST DR & WASHINGTON ST85281Phoenix, AZ
24.50%101 FWY & APACHE BLVD85281Phoenix, AZ
24.50%SMITH-MARTIN & APACHE BLVD85281Phoenix, AZ
24.50%Mangonia Park33407Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
24.30%Irvine Metrolink Station92618Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
24.30%Bonneville Transit Center @ Bonneville Transit Center89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%4th @ Fremont89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%Las Vegas @ Carson89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%Maryland Pkwy89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%15th Street89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%Bruce Street89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%Bonneville Transit Center89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%Casino Center89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%8th Street89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%3rd Street89101Las Vegas, NV
24.30%Las Vegas Blvd89101Las Vegas, NV
24.20%Randolph St. Metra60601Chicago, IL
24.20%Millenium Station at Randolph Street60601Chicago, IL
24.20%Lake60601Chicago, IL
24.20%State/Lake60601Chicago, IL
24.20%Clark/Lake (Subway)60601Chicago, IL
24.10%SPRING VALLEY STATION75081Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
24.10%ARAPAHO CENTER STATION75081Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
23.90%Hermitage37076Nashville, TN
23.30%SPRINTER Nordahl Rd Station92029San Diego, CA
23.20%LAKELINE STATION78717Austin, TX
23.20%East/ West Station28203Charlotte, NC
23.20%Carson Station28203Charlotte, NC
23.20%Bland Station28203Charlotte, NC
23.10%Seattle Center98109Seattle, WA
23.10%FAIRVIEW AVE N & ALOHA ST98109Seattle, WA
23.10%SLU STREETCAR & TERRY AVE N98109Seattle, WA
23.10%WESTLAKE AVE N & MERCER ST98109Seattle, WA
23.10%TERRY AVE N & REPUBLICAN ST98109Seattle, WA
23.10%WESTLAKE AVE N & HARRISON ST98109Seattle, WA
23.10%TERRY AVE N & THOMAS ST98109Seattle, WA
23.10%Chicago Union Station Metra60606Chicago, IL
22.70%Hwy I-25 & Broadway Stn80209Denver, CO
22.70%Donelson37214Nashville, TN
22.70%15 St - Prospect Park11231New York, NY
22.50%Tuality Hospital/SE 8th Ave MAX Station97123Portland, OR
22.50%Hillsboro Central/SE 3rd TC MAX Station97123Portland, OR
22.50%Hatfield Government Center MAX Station97123Portland, OR
22.50%Washington/SE 12th Ave MAX Station97123Portland, OR
22.30%Boulder Highway/Sunset Road89011Las Vegas, NV
22.30%Gibson Road89011Las Vegas, NV
22.00%Anaheim Canyon Metrolink Station92807Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
22.00%Laguna Niguel/ Mission Viejo Metrolink Station92677Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
21.80%Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport MAX Stn97124Portland, OR
21.80%Hawthorn Farm MAX Station97124Portland, OR
21.80%Orenco/NW 231st Ave MAX Station97124Portland, OR
21.60%135 St11201New York, NY
21.60%Central Park North (110 St)11201New York, NY
21.60%Wall St11201New York, NY
21.60%72 St11201New York, NY
21.60%Clinton - Washington Avs11201New York, NY
21.60%Franklin Av11201New York, NY
21.60%57 St - 7 Av11201New York, NY
21.60%Bay Ridge Av11201New York, NY
21.60%59 St11201New York, NY
21.60%Church Av11201New York, NY
21.60%Fulton St11201New York, NY
21.60%Roosevelt Island11201New York, NY
21.60%Media19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Edgmont St Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Orange St Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Jackson St Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Veterans Square Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Olive St Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Elwyn19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Moylan-Rose Valley19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Beatty Rd Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Bowling Green Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%Manchester Av Station19063Philadelphia, PA
21.60%CHAMBLEE STATION30341Atlanta, GA
21.50%SL/University/3rd Ave85705Tucson, AZ
21.50%SL/4th Av/4th St85705Tucson, AZ
21.50%4th Ave/6th/7th St85705Tucson, AZ
21.50%SL/4th Av/9th St85705Tucson, AZ
21.50%Desert Horizons89122Las Vegas, NV
21.50%Kentucky Ave89122Las Vegas, NV
21.50%Russell Road89122Las Vegas, NV
21.50%Missouri Ave89122Las Vegas, NV
21.50%Tropicana Ave89122Las Vegas, NV
21.50%Harmon Ave89122Las Vegas, NV
21.50%Nellis Blvd89122Las Vegas, NV
21.30%Chicago OTC Metra60661Chicago, IL
21.30%Clinton-Green60661Chicago, IL
21.20%Yesler Way & Broadway98122Seattle, WA
21.20%Broadway & Marion St98122Seattle, WA
21.20%Broadway & E Pike St98122Seattle, WA
21.20%Broadway & E Pine St98122Seattle, WA
21.20%Broadway & E Howell St98122Seattle, WA
20.90%Winter Park32789Orlando, FL
20.80%Stonewall Station28202Charlotte, NC
20.80%7th St Station28202Charlotte, NC
20.80%3rd/ Convention Center Station28202Charlotte, NC
20.80%CTC Station28202Charlotte, NC
20.80%Davidson St CityLynx28202Charlotte, NC
20.80%DOWNTOWN STATION78701Austin, TX
20.80%Centennial Park Station33605Tampa, FL
20.80%Cadrecha Plaza Station33605Tampa, FL
20.80%Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union Stat33605Tampa, FL
20.80%Streetcar Society Station33605Tampa, FL
20.80%Sanford32771Orlando, FL
20.80%BLUE LINE & DREXMORE RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%SHAKER SQUARE RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%E 116TH ST RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%GREEN LINE & ATTLEBORO RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%GREEN LINE & EATON RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%GREEN LINE & LEE RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%BLUE LINE & ONAWAY RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%GREEN LINE & SOUTH PARK BLVD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%BLUE LINE & SOUTHINGTON RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%BLUE LINE & ASHBY RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%BLUE LINE & LEE RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%BLUE LINE & AVALON RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.80%GREEN LINE & COVENTRY RD RTS44120Cleveland, OH
20.70%Grantville Station92120San Diego, CA
20.70%Alvarado Station92120San Diego, CA
20.70%Poinciana34758Lakeland, FL
20.70%North Richland Hills/Iron Horse Station76180Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
20.60%Vernon Hills Metra60061Chicago, IL
20.60%FARMERS BRANCH STATION75234Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
20.50%SPRINTER Melrose Station92056San Diego, CA
20.50%SPRINTER Rancho del Oro Station92056San Diego, CA
20.50%SPRINTER College Blvd Station92056San Diego, CA
20.40%Archdale Station28217Charlotte, NC
20.40%Scaleybark Station28217Charlotte, NC
20.40%Tyvola Station28217Charlotte, NC
20.40%Woodlawn Station28217Charlotte, NC
20.30%Kings Avenue32207Jacksonville, FL
20.30%San Marco32207Jacksonville, FL
20.30%Riverplace32207Jacksonville, FL
20.20%SYCAMORE & MAIN ST85201Phoenix, AZ
20.20%CENTRAL AVE & CAMELBACK RD85013Phoenix, AZ
20.20%CAMPBELL AVE & CENTRAL AVE85013Phoenix, AZ
20.20%7TH AVE & CAMELBACK RD85013Phoenix, AZ
20.10%Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station92507Riverside, CA
20.00%GALATYN PARK STATION75082Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
19.90%New Bern Station28209Charlotte, NC
19.90%Aviation Station (LAX Shuttle Connection)90045Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
19.80%Tracy95377Stockton, CA
19.80%Edgewood at Hilliard30312Atlanta, GA
19.80%King Historic District30312Atlanta, GA
19.70%Upland Metrolink Station91786Riverside, CA
19.60%BANKHEAD STATION30318Atlanta, GA
19.50%AdventHealth32803Orlando, FL
19.50%Grand Station90015Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
19.50%Pico Station90015Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
19.50%Greenpoint Av11222New York, NY
19.50%Nassau Av11222New York, NY
19.40%CRESTVIEW STATION78752Austin, TX
19.40%HIGHLAND STATION78752Austin, TX
19.40%San Antonio Caltrain94040San Jose, CA
19.30%INDIAN CREEK STATION30083Atlanta, GA
19.30%RAINIER BEACH98118Seattle, WA
19.30%OTHELLO98118Seattle, WA
19.30%Bedford - Nostrand Avs11205New York, NY
19.30%Clinton - Washington Avs11205New York, NY
19.10%Wilmington19801Philadelphia, PA
19.10%PENN/NORTH STATION (METRO)21217Baltimore, MD
19.10%UPTON STATION (METRO)21217Baltimore, MD
19.10%MT ROYAL21217Baltimore, MD
19.10%NORTH AVE LT RAIL21217Baltimore, MD
19.10%RELIEF PT/DIVISION21217Baltimore, MD
18.80%WEST IRVING STATION75061Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
18.70%Coaster Carlsbad Poinsettia Station92011San Diego, CA
18.50%Santee Town Center Station92071San Diego, CA
18.40%Lake Mary32746Orlando, FL
18.40%DWO Terminal B76051Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
18.40%DFW Airport North76051Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
18.40%Grapevine76051Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
18.40%Las Vegas @ Walnut89115Las Vegas, NV
18.40%Las Vegas @ Cheyenne89115Las Vegas, NV
18.40%Las Vegas @ Lamb89115Las Vegas, NV
18.40%Las Vegas @ Lamont89115Las Vegas, NV
18.40%Las Vegas @ Nellis89115Las Vegas, NV
18.40%Craig @ Walmart Super89115Las Vegas, NV
18.40%Las Vegas @ Craig89115Las Vegas, NV
18.40%WEST END STATION30310Atlanta, GA
18.40%OAKLAND CITY STATION30310Atlanta, GA
18.40%The Embarcadero & Folsom St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Metro Montgomery Station94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Metro Embarcadero Station94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Don Chee Way/Steuart St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%California St & Drumm St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Market St & Drumm St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Market St & New Montgomery St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Market St & Main St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Market St & Battery St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Market St & 1st St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Market St & 2nd St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%Market St & Kearny St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%The Embarcadero & Harrison St94105San Francisco, CA
18.40%PARK LANE STATION75231Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
18.40%WHITE ROCK RAIL STATION75231Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
18.40%WALNUT HILL STATION75231Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
18.30%H Street Station91910San Diego, CA
18.30%Bayfront/E Street Station91910San Diego, CA
18.20%Amaya Drive Station91942San Diego, CA
18.20%Grossmont Transit Center91942San Diego, CA
18.20%La Mesa Blvd Station91942San Diego, CA
18.20%70th St Station91942San Diego, CA
18.20%Arvada Ridge Station80033Denver, CO
18.20%Wheat Ridge/Ward80033Denver, CO
18.10%Tustin Metrolink Station92780Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
18.00%Arapahoe at Village Center Station80111Denver, CO
18.00%Dayton Station80111Denver, CO
18.00%Orchard Station80111Denver, CO
18.00%DECATUR STATION30030Atlanta, GA
18.00%AVONDALE STATION30030Atlanta, GA
18.00%MARITIME PARK21231Baltimore, MD
17.90%EAST POINT STATION30344Atlanta, GA
17.90%CITYPLACE STATION75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%CITYPLACE WEST @ US 75 - S - MB75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%ML ONLY COLE/HALL75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ LEMMON75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%ML ONLY COLE/LEMMON75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%ML ONLY COLE/Allen75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%ML ONLY BLACKBURN @ COLE75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%LEMMON @ COLE75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ SNEED75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%ML ONLY COLE/Bowen75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ BOWEN75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ HALL75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ BLACKBURN75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ WORTHINGTON75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ ALLEN75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%MCKINNEY @ BOLL75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.90%DEEP ELLUM STATION75204Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.80%Fullerton Metrolink Station92832Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
17.80%Altamonte Springs32701Orlando, FL
17.80%Convention Center32204Jacksonville, FL
17.80%Jefferson32204Jacksonville, FL
17.70%WEST LAKE STATION30314Atlanta, GA
17.70%ASHBY STATION30314Atlanta, GA
17.70%VINE CITY STATION30314Atlanta, GA
17.60%North Main Corona Metrolink Station92879Riverside, CA
17.50%WESTLAKE AVE & 7TH AVE98121Seattle, WA
17.50%WESTLAKE AVE & VIRGINIA ST98121Seattle, WA
17.50%WESTLAKE AVE & 9TH AVE98121Seattle, WA
17.40%79 St10039New York, NY
17.40%116 St10039New York, NY
17.30%Fort Lauderdale33311Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
17.30%Racine60607Chicago, IL
17.30%UIC-Halsted60607Chicago, IL
17.30%Clinton-Blue60607Chicago, IL
17.30%16th St. Mission BART94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Metro Civic Center Station94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Metro Van Ness Station94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Metro Powell Station94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & Laguna St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & Guerrero St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & Buchanan St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & 9th St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & Larkin St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & 8th St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & 3rd St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & South Van Ness Ave94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & Van Ness Ave94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & Stockton St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & 4th St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & 5th St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & 7th St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & 6th St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Market St & Taylor St94103San Francisco, CA
17.30%Merchandise Mart60654Chicago, IL
17.30%Crystal City22202Washington, DC
17.30%PENTAGON METRO STATION22202Washington, DC
17.10%DOWNTOWN GARLAND STATION75040Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
17.10%Claremont Metrolink Station91711Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
17.10%Iris Avenue Station92154San Diego, CA
17.10%Palm Avenue Station92154San Diego, CA
17.00%Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink Station91730Riverside, CA
16.90%LENOX STATION30324Atlanta, GA
16.90%LINDBERGH POCKET30324Atlanta, GA
Rose Quarter TC MAX Station97232Portland, OR
Convention Center MAX Station97232Portland, OR
NE 7th Ave MAX Station97232Portland, OR
Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave MAX Station97232Portland, OR
Hollywood/NE 42nd Ave TC MAX Station97232Portland, OR